Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feelings of my subject

For this semester I was take a few subjects. Total of subjects that I take is 7 subjects, which is BEL311- English for academic purpose, CTU241- Economic in Islam, QMT216 - Statistics, MGT269 – Business Communication, BMD101- Mandarin, HSL111- Badminton and lastly subject that I repeat for this semester which is ECO162 – Microeconomics.

First subject is BEL311- English for academic purpose. After four month studying BEL 311, I was learning a lot of grammar and improve my speaking. For this subject we do not have a test paper but we just have a test for speaking. Every Monday at 4.30p.m my group will have a speaking practice with Sir Izuan. From this speaking practice, we will know how to discuss each others. For BEL311, we have a final exam. This final exam marks is 40%, this is the writing exam. I feel this writing paper is not easy to write properly, because it has many requirements to do this writing paper, including the citation. Now for BEL 311, I can see Sir Izuan smile and now he look different with the new hair style, but it was nice looking.

The second subject is CTU241- Economic in Islam. My first impressions learn this subject is easier, but after enter the class that the lecturer always come late, it make me boring to learn this subject. Thank god this subject was in Malay so I understand if I study myself without teach by the lecturer. For this subject we do not have any quiz or test yet. But this holiday on 8 April 2009 we will have a CTU test. The assignment for this subject also was in last week. So I feel very rushing to finish the assignment. For the lecturer, he always comes late about 30minits to the class and make the student angry waiting for him. Sometimes, he also cannot come to the class.
The third subject is QMT216 – Statistics. After four month studying this subject, I feel this subject will help me to get a great result. It is because I like a calculation and I will focus to this subject, but for another subject also I will focus it. The lecturer of this subject nowadays becomes angry to us. I do not know why, maybe she stress with the coming exam like us. Even though she was stress and angry with us, she still teach us until we understand.

The fourth subject is MGT269 – Business Communication. After four month studying this subject and enter this class, the students that come to this class become small amount day to day. This is because our lecturer cannot attract their student to become interesting with his teaching. He likes to make give use an assignment last minutes. For example, in this subject we have a mock meeting, this was given at this month and have some group that not finish the meeting yet. This mock meeting also contributes to our marks.

The fifth subject is BMD101- Mandarin, the lecturer is so kind until the end of the class. For this subject we do not have a final paper. So we need to make a final project which is acting in mandarin. We also have two times for test. Test for listening, writing, and oral. I like this subject because I can learn a new language in my life.

Next subject is HSL111- Badminton, this subject make my body become healthy. In this subject I very like the lecturer because he very friendly and funny. I always go to the class for this subject because this subject classes is playing badminton. For this subject also we do not have a final paper. We jus have one writing test and fitness test.

The last subject for this semester is ECO162 – Microeconomics. For this subject, I really like the lecturer. This is because he is very strict lecture, but he always make a class enjoy when he teaching with his jokes. But sometimes his mood not in good, like the end of the semester. Maybe he stress with a lot of paper that need to be right. For this subject, I want to get the best result because it was my second times I take this subject and I will try my best.
For this entire subject, I will do my best to get highest mark to increase my grade for this semester to make my family happy with me. So I will study hardly to fulfill my hope.