Monday, March 16, 2009

My New Album

1- I Cry Again
- This song is about the girl that was falling in love again at one guy, after years she hate guy because someone was make she trust him. But that guy was lying at her until her crying for a few months. After her falling in love with the new guy she thought that new guy will make her life happy but the same thing happens again and she was cry again.

2- Ridiculous
- This song is about someone life that likes to make something ridiculous. They like to waste their money to buy something that is not important. They also like to go somewhere that is not giving any benefits and just waste their money and time. They also like to talk about something nonsense.

3- Keep On Dreaming
- This song is about the dream that cannot come true. This is because have one guy that like at one girl from little children, but he cannot get that girl because of their standard life. This guy was poor and not suitable with the rich girl. So he just can keep on dreaming to like that girl.

4- Apologize
- This song is about the wrong that was he made before his mother die. After his mother die, he was sad because he was made a lot of things that make his mother sad. He want ask for apologize but he was late, his mother already past away.

5- Don’t Live Me
- This is about hope of one girl that asks for someone that is important in her life to do not live her alone. It is because that person was changing her from bad girl to become good girl, and also change her life.

6- Don’t Let Them Go
- This song is about friends. If we have friends do not let them go from do not become our friends. We must care of them and gives beliefs to them. So they will friends with us until the ends of life.

7- Trust in Love
- This song is about love. In love, we have to trust each other, because if we not trust each other we will be fighting because no believe our partner. In love trust is very important things to make our love still longer.

8- Green Love
- This song is about love to our nature. We should take care of our nature from effected by the people that do not love the nature and from the building that will affect our nature.

9- The Missing Peaceful
- This song is about the peaceful that was disturbing by the war and the fighting in the place that before this the people live with peaceful. This song also asks us to help the people that were in not peaceful.

10- Because of Women
- This song is about effect that women give to the guy. The guy will cry if they very love someone. They also will do anything to the women that he loves. But because of women they will make something nonsense if that women make something stupid to them.

Friday, March 6, 2009


This story was happen at my secondary school, Sekolah Menengah Tanjung Lumpur Kuantan, last year. Hysteria it was happen at anywhere primary school, secondary school, university and any place. It will make a person cannot control their emotions like cannot stop laughing, crying and shouting.

Hysteria that was happen at my school is from April 2008 until the end of 2008. It happen because of the project that to make a new building at the school. Based on my mother, that work as a teacher at there, this hysteria was happen because of the place of that things was disturbing by the project and the head of the granddaughter of that things was break. That is why this happen at the school.

Start from that the hysteria at the school begins. The things start disturbing student and enter to the student body. The first student that cause is boy student and it happen on teacher’s day. He saw that thing and that thing was bring him to the second floor of the building and make him jump from that floor and after that he was enter to the hospital because have a broke at his body.

After that boy, this hysteria always happens without stopping. Everyday it happens after rest time at 11.00a.m. The student will fall and for a few minutes they will wake up and become like old women, small children and hyper active. One day when one girl was attack, she shouted very loud and sounds so scare. She angry with all student and ran to the car park like a crazy person. At there, the man teachers try to catch the student but she try to skip from the school by climb the school gate. This action was snap by the news channel that is 8tv.

A few days later, it becomes uncontrolled. More students was attack by the hysteria. Until the staff from Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah come to make Yassin Perdana. But it still cannot stop this hysteria. This hysteria still happen while the Yassin Perdana was made.

After the event, the hysteria was still happen on the next day. One student look in good condition was going to the canteen and asks for knife. She said that her teachers want to use it but it was wrong. She uses that knife to kill someone to get back the blood that makes his granddaughter die. This makes all student and also teacher become scare and they were calling the police to settle this problem.

At night the student that was enters by this things will ask to their parents to sent them to the school because that things want to play at the school. After a long time this happen, the Mazidul Akmal Sidek from 360 was coming and wait until night. That night, his cameraman was record the things that they cannot believe which is some things that they look like cat but it was flying fast like straight light and go to the place that have a construction and the things was lost.