Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Feelings of my subject

For this semester I was take a few subjects. Total of subjects that I take is 7 subjects, which is BEL311- English for academic purpose, CTU241- Economic in Islam, QMT216 - Statistics, MGT269 – Business Communication, BMD101- Mandarin, HSL111- Badminton and lastly subject that I repeat for this semester which is ECO162 – Microeconomics.

First subject is BEL311- English for academic purpose. After four month studying BEL 311, I was learning a lot of grammar and improve my speaking. For this subject we do not have a test paper but we just have a test for speaking. Every Monday at 4.30p.m my group will have a speaking practice with Sir Izuan. From this speaking practice, we will know how to discuss each others. For BEL311, we have a final exam. This final exam marks is 40%, this is the writing exam. I feel this writing paper is not easy to write properly, because it has many requirements to do this writing paper, including the citation. Now for BEL 311, I can see Sir Izuan smile and now he look different with the new hair style, but it was nice looking.

The second subject is CTU241- Economic in Islam. My first impressions learn this subject is easier, but after enter the class that the lecturer always come late, it make me boring to learn this subject. Thank god this subject was in Malay so I understand if I study myself without teach by the lecturer. For this subject we do not have any quiz or test yet. But this holiday on 8 April 2009 we will have a CTU test. The assignment for this subject also was in last week. So I feel very rushing to finish the assignment. For the lecturer, he always comes late about 30minits to the class and make the student angry waiting for him. Sometimes, he also cannot come to the class.
The third subject is QMT216 – Statistics. After four month studying this subject, I feel this subject will help me to get a great result. It is because I like a calculation and I will focus to this subject, but for another subject also I will focus it. The lecturer of this subject nowadays becomes angry to us. I do not know why, maybe she stress with the coming exam like us. Even though she was stress and angry with us, she still teach us until we understand.

The fourth subject is MGT269 – Business Communication. After four month studying this subject and enter this class, the students that come to this class become small amount day to day. This is because our lecturer cannot attract their student to become interesting with his teaching. He likes to make give use an assignment last minutes. For example, in this subject we have a mock meeting, this was given at this month and have some group that not finish the meeting yet. This mock meeting also contributes to our marks.

The fifth subject is BMD101- Mandarin, the lecturer is so kind until the end of the class. For this subject we do not have a final paper. So we need to make a final project which is acting in mandarin. We also have two times for test. Test for listening, writing, and oral. I like this subject because I can learn a new language in my life.

Next subject is HSL111- Badminton, this subject make my body become healthy. In this subject I very like the lecturer because he very friendly and funny. I always go to the class for this subject because this subject classes is playing badminton. For this subject also we do not have a final paper. We jus have one writing test and fitness test.

The last subject for this semester is ECO162 – Microeconomics. For this subject, I really like the lecturer. This is because he is very strict lecture, but he always make a class enjoy when he teaching with his jokes. But sometimes his mood not in good, like the end of the semester. Maybe he stress with a lot of paper that need to be right. For this subject, I want to get the best result because it was my second times I take this subject and I will try my best.
For this entire subject, I will do my best to get highest mark to increase my grade for this semester to make my family happy with me. So I will study hardly to fulfill my hope.

Monday, March 16, 2009

My New Album

1- I Cry Again
- This song is about the girl that was falling in love again at one guy, after years she hate guy because someone was make she trust him. But that guy was lying at her until her crying for a few months. After her falling in love with the new guy she thought that new guy will make her life happy but the same thing happens again and she was cry again.

2- Ridiculous
- This song is about someone life that likes to make something ridiculous. They like to waste their money to buy something that is not important. They also like to go somewhere that is not giving any benefits and just waste their money and time. They also like to talk about something nonsense.

3- Keep On Dreaming
- This song is about the dream that cannot come true. This is because have one guy that like at one girl from little children, but he cannot get that girl because of their standard life. This guy was poor and not suitable with the rich girl. So he just can keep on dreaming to like that girl.

4- Apologize
- This song is about the wrong that was he made before his mother die. After his mother die, he was sad because he was made a lot of things that make his mother sad. He want ask for apologize but he was late, his mother already past away.

5- Don’t Live Me
- This is about hope of one girl that asks for someone that is important in her life to do not live her alone. It is because that person was changing her from bad girl to become good girl, and also change her life.

6- Don’t Let Them Go
- This song is about friends. If we have friends do not let them go from do not become our friends. We must care of them and gives beliefs to them. So they will friends with us until the ends of life.

7- Trust in Love
- This song is about love. In love, we have to trust each other, because if we not trust each other we will be fighting because no believe our partner. In love trust is very important things to make our love still longer.

8- Green Love
- This song is about love to our nature. We should take care of our nature from effected by the people that do not love the nature and from the building that will affect our nature.

9- The Missing Peaceful
- This song is about the peaceful that was disturbing by the war and the fighting in the place that before this the people live with peaceful. This song also asks us to help the people that were in not peaceful.

10- Because of Women
- This song is about effect that women give to the guy. The guy will cry if they very love someone. They also will do anything to the women that he loves. But because of women they will make something nonsense if that women make something stupid to them.

Friday, March 6, 2009


This story was happen at my secondary school, Sekolah Menengah Tanjung Lumpur Kuantan, last year. Hysteria it was happen at anywhere primary school, secondary school, university and any place. It will make a person cannot control their emotions like cannot stop laughing, crying and shouting.

Hysteria that was happen at my school is from April 2008 until the end of 2008. It happen because of the project that to make a new building at the school. Based on my mother, that work as a teacher at there, this hysteria was happen because of the place of that things was disturbing by the project and the head of the granddaughter of that things was break. That is why this happen at the school.

Start from that the hysteria at the school begins. The things start disturbing student and enter to the student body. The first student that cause is boy student and it happen on teacher’s day. He saw that thing and that thing was bring him to the second floor of the building and make him jump from that floor and after that he was enter to the hospital because have a broke at his body.

After that boy, this hysteria always happens without stopping. Everyday it happens after rest time at 11.00a.m. The student will fall and for a few minutes they will wake up and become like old women, small children and hyper active. One day when one girl was attack, she shouted very loud and sounds so scare. She angry with all student and ran to the car park like a crazy person. At there, the man teachers try to catch the student but she try to skip from the school by climb the school gate. This action was snap by the news channel that is 8tv.

A few days later, it becomes uncontrolled. More students was attack by the hysteria. Until the staff from Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah come to make Yassin Perdana. But it still cannot stop this hysteria. This hysteria still happen while the Yassin Perdana was made.

After the event, the hysteria was still happen on the next day. One student look in good condition was going to the canteen and asks for knife. She said that her teachers want to use it but it was wrong. She uses that knife to kill someone to get back the blood that makes his granddaughter die. This makes all student and also teacher become scare and they were calling the police to settle this problem.

At night the student that was enters by this things will ask to their parents to sent them to the school because that things want to play at the school. After a long time this happen, the Mazidul Akmal Sidek from 360 was coming and wait until night. That night, his cameraman was record the things that they cannot believe which is some things that they look like cat but it was flying fast like straight light and go to the place that have a construction and the things was lost.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love and my dream guy

Everyone in this world have heart to love someone and something. Love is feeling of deep affection for something especially a member of our family or a friend. We also need to love God because God was making us and we also need to pray to him. Love to parents, siblings, friends and other person also need for us because from love we can happy and sad together.

In my opinion, love is very beautiful feelings in our heart. This feeling cannot be hinder by other people or something, because love is very meaningful. When we have love, we can feel very happy but sometimes love will make us sad. If we love someone we will ignore everything that happens beside us. But love also can make us fall into the bad things. So to the people that falls in love they need to be careful with their couple or partner.

Now I want to all about my dream guy in my life. First he must have a good religion. So that he can teach me if I have made a bad thing. He also can instruct me to the right way. That is one of my dream guys.

Second of my dream guy is he can make me happy and always smile. It is because when I sad, I have someone special that can make me happy again and smile. He also must a funny guy because from his story he can make me laugh every day.

Another thing that I want of my dream guy is he is a romantic person. So that when in my birthday or anything special he will become a romantic person in my life that I will never forget. He also should not hypocrite person because if he has that personality he will always cheat at me if he makes something bad at my back.

Caring, his also need have this characteristic because from this he will love me more then other person. He also need to responsible to everything not just for religion but so many things, so this will make he is one of the dream girl. Many things that I want to describe about my dream guy but this characteristic is more important to me.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sempana Alam Buana (SAB)

Sempana Alam Buana (SAB) is my first Collage that I know when I enter to UiTM
Segamat in July 2007. There have many collageshere which is Sempana Riau (SR), Taming Sari (TS), Si Manja Kini (SMK), Zamrud, Intan, Mutiara, Nilam and Baiduri.

In UiTM Segamat collage SAB is collage that very far from other collage and also far from class. SAB collage has room that can be seat by two students and four students. So for this semester I get the room that is seat by four students. Last three semesters I get the room that only seat by two students.

At my room have four roommates which is senior then me. Two of my roommate is diploma part six and another one is bachelor part two. My first part six roommate is Nur Zafiera and I call her ‘Kak Fiera’. She is taking Diploma in Banking. She is my first roommate that I meet when I register for this semester. She is very kind to me and she attend me like her sister.

My second roommate that I meet is Nabilah and I call her ‘Kak Nabilah’. She come from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. She was studying in Bachelor in Marketing. My first impression to her is very bad because her and her family look very fussy. But after I know her close she not likes my first impression.

My third roommate is Khairunisa and I call her ‘Kak Nisa’. She is from Perak. She was part six course Diploma in Science Quantitative. When I know her she is an excellent student. She also very kind person and always help me when I was in trouble.

In my collage all facilities are given like study room, television room and also badminton court. In my room also the facilities are given like cupboard, study table, fan, lamp and mirror. All this things are in good condition. The bed I was choose the top bunk so no one will seat at my bed.

Saturday, January 31, 2009

My D3B2 Classmate

I was in D3B2 since 30 December 2008. So in my class have about 30 students including me. Today I would like to tell about my classmate.

1. Al-Amirul Akmal
- He is a new student in class D3B2 for this semester. This is because before this he
was At UiTM Kedah. He live at Johor so that is why he transfer to UiTM Segamat
near with his hometown. He is friendly because like to talk to everyone.

2. Ashraf
- I was see him second week after enter the class. So I don’t know about him so much.
But I see him was closed with Mr.Izuan. I hope after this I will know him more than

3. Azhar
- Azhar also known as Sood of all his friend in UiTM. He is happy-go-lucky person.
His bestfriend is Nasri. He almost together either go to class or co-curicculum. He
Also always make a joke in class to make class happy.

4. Khalid
- He is D3B2 class rep. he is come from Klang. He is good in become class rep.
In class he is always seat with Shahidah. He also closer with Farahain and Shiela. He
always study group together and have a same group in discussion.

5. Nasri
- He is Azhar friend. He always seat at the back with Azhar when come to class. He is
quiet person when he is alone.

6. Syarul Nizam
- He is the person that I don’t know how to describe. His first time come to the class
is after have an operation at his face. For this time that’s all I know about him.

7. Nurul Ain
- She is from Segamat. She is happy-go-lucky person. When she have a presentation
she cannot speak loud like another person because her voice is very soft. She always
come to class with Ernie her bestfriend.

8. Salwa
- Salwa is Radhiyah twins. To no that she is Salwa we can look at her face that was
chubby than her sister Radhiyah. I friend with Salwa since part one because we are
same class. She also enter the group of nasyid in UiTM.

9. Atikah
- She is senior age then me. I don’t know a lot of thing about her, but when in part one
I was in a same class with her. Then when enter the next semester she change to the
other class.

10. Farah Irma
- She is small person in class. For this semester she was in a same class with me. I
don’t know detail about her but when I look at her, she always wearing an earing
that is the same colour with her cloth. So I like to look at her.

11. Aiza Zaleha
- For this semester is my first time know her because she same class with me. But I
still don’t know a lot about her.

12. Shiela
- She was my friend since part one and still in a same class until this semester. She is
from Klang. She is quiet person in class but in presentation she one of the good
presenter. I like when she present. She also a kind person with all her friend.

13. Halimatus Sa’adiah
- She is from Johor. Before this she is studying at UiTM Jengka,Pahang. Because far
from hometown she transfer to UiTM Segamat last semester in part two. So she was
friend with me since last semester.

14. Radhiyah
- She is Salwa twins. She is more slim then Salwa but both are cute and beautiful. I
also know Radhiyah since part one because in a same class. She also enter the
group of nasyid like Salwa.

15. Azierah
- She is a quiet person and hard to smile. She is not talkative person but she is a kind
person. She is a good friend with Azie and Halimatus Sa’adiah. She always go to
class together and always together.

16. Ernie
- She is from Banting, Selangor. She is pretty girl to my eyes. She always come to
class with her bestfriend Ain. She also good in doing work. So after this I want to
know more about her.

17. Suhaida
- She is new friend to me because I was same class with her for this semester. She is kind person when I first met with her. But I still not closed with her and don’t know detail about her.

18. Hazlin
- She is happiest girl in class and also friendly. I was friend with her when we same
class for subject BEL260 lat semester. She closed friend with Shuhaida.

19. Azie
- She is a small girl like Farah Irma and wear glasses. She always come to class with
Her group that is Azierah and Halimatus Sa’adiah. She always together. She also a
Friendly person and talkative person.

20. Salbiyah
- She is my friend since part two. She is happy-go-lucky and talkative person. I always seat

beside her in class and work together with her. She also is a helpful person because when I

have a problem she will help me.

21. Huda
- She always with her friend Shiela, Farahain, and Shidah. She also do work together with them.

She like to make an angry face in class. She also always was disturbing by Amirul because she

don’t like to smile.

22. Aina
- She is hardworking person. She also friendly with each other. In class she is very active in

asking a lecterur any question. She also like to playing futsal as sport game to fulfill her time.

23. Shidah
- She is one of the group member of Shiela, Huda and Farahain. In class she more closer with

Khalid. I know her since part one because we in a same class. She is good in doing work and

hardworking person.

24. Siti Farahiya
- She is Aina bestfriend. She always come to class together. She also always come to class early

and seat at in front. She is a cute girl in class and friendly person. She also is my new friend

because before this we are not in same class.

25. Farahain
- She is from Klang. She is a friend of Shiela, Shidah and Huda. Since part one I was same class

with her. She is hardworking person in doing assignment that are given by lecterur.

26. Nurul Izzati
- She is Aina and Farahiya friend. She was enter the same class with me for this semester.

Before this she was in class D2B1. She is shy and quiet person. So I don’t know about herself.

27. Nurul Asyikin
- She also known as Kak Kent because she senior then me. She always come to class
with Raja and sit at the back. She is very good in speaking and very smart person.

28. Raja Nurrahifah
- She is Nurul Asyikin bestfriend and always come to class together and sit together.
She also clever person like her bestfriend. She is a kind person.

29. Muinnuddin
- I don’t know what to describe about him. He is same class with me since semester
one. He not a talkative person but he is clever person. He always sit with Azhar and
Nasri in class.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

10 Facts About Me

Most of the people in this world have their own personality like kind, helpful and many things. So for my blog today I would like to tell about ten facts about myself. Hope you all will enjoy read about it.

First fact about me is I like to eat vanilla ice cream. I like it from a long time ago since I was small. It is because ice cream is a very delicious desert compare to another desert and the best ice cream flavour that I like is vanilla ice cream then another flavour. Vanilla ice cream also have a very nice colour to me that is white colour and it is clean colour to me.

Second fact is I like traveling. I like to go anywhere if I have a lot of money in my pocket. To travel I like to go to Langkawi one day with my friend after I have collect a lot of my money. After finished my study and I get a better job, I would like to go travel at the best place like Australia, Korea and many place in this world.

The third fact is I like to watch movie either on television or in cinema. The favourite movie that I really like watch is Harry Potter, High School Musical and many movies. In cinema the movie that I was waiting for is the movie that title Pink Panther 2 that will on cinema on 5 February 2009 and the second movie is the latest Harry Potter will on cinema on July 2009. So I will going to watching both of this movie in cinema with my friend.

Read comics also is another facts about me. I like read comics and collecting comics. Although I like read comics but I don’t like to read novel. Because when I read comic, I can finished read the book faster then I read the novel that will take time for three to four month for one novel. In my collection of comics I have about 30 pieces of books for example ‘The Fishes’, ‘K.O.King’ and many more.

I also like to collect watch for my own use. Collecting watch make me appreciate to the old things. It is because, when I buy a new watch I still can use my old watch without throwing it. This make me more appreciate to all the things either watch, books or anything. So in my collection I have about ten watch’s which from branded or from night-market watch.

Another facts is playing games. I like to playing games when I boring. So the game can fulfill my boring. The games that I like most to play is card games or sudoku game. This both games can test your IQ so it will make your IQ function.

In my life I hate people who’s always cheat on me. It is because I have always been cheated by my friend. Example that she was make good in front me but at my back she told about my bad things even thought is not correct. ,so when this happen to me I regret having of friend like him or her anymore. In feature I hope I will never have a friend like that anymore.

Another fact about me is I don’t like a lizard. Lizard is small animal and it has a wet skin. I don’t like it because something happened to me that make me feel afraid with lizard. It was happen when I went out from my front house door and the lizards was fall down on my head and start from that time I was afraid with the lizards.

Spicy food also is another fact about me. I don’t like spicy food because when I eat spicy food, I need to have a lot of drinking water beside me. So I can enjoy eat spicy food if have a lot of water. Last fact about me is I don’t like to waste my money. Because waste money cannot give anything advantage to me but just give disadvantage. When I not waste my money I can use that money at important time or emergency time. That’s all about ten facts about me.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Subject This Semester

December 2008 until April 2009 is anew semester for my education. This semester I am taking seven subject including co-curriculum. The subject is BEL311- English for academic purpose, CTU241- Economic in Islam, QMT216 - Statistics, MGT269 – Business Communication, BMD101- Mandarin, HSL111- Badminton and lastly subject that I repeat for this semester which is ECO162 – Microeconomics.

The first subject that I want to describe is BEL311 – English for academic purpose. The lecturer of this subject is Sir Mohd Izuan Bin Ismail. He always come at class on time and always wear blazer. My first impression when I enter the class is thought that Sir Izuan is angry person but I was wrong. The way Sir Izuan gives a lecture is straight to the point. So the student will easily understand what Sir Izuan teaches. For the first week, Sir Izuan teach us about how to do a blog. We learn a lot about that and then Sir Izuan ask their student to write an essay about ourself and life at campus.

Second subject is CTU241- Economic in Islam. The lecturer of this subject is En. Kamarulzaman Bin Sulaiman. He is a bigger person. He is a good lecturer when he teaches his student. He also always gives an advice to their student to become a good student for future. For example he told that don’t make a discipline problem and always give a greetings when see a lecturer and he give more other advice.

The third subject is QMT216 – Statistics. This subject is teach by Miss Zurina. She is a small, cute and chubby. She always come to class on time and don’t like her student come late to the class. She teach statistic very fast and sometimes I cannot follow what her teach, but when we not understand we can ask a question. This week, few of my friend did not bring a calculator, so she very angry and said ‘next time if I see someone did not bring calculator that person need to pay RM10’.

Next subject is MGT269 – Business Communication. The lecturer for this subject is En. Ahmad Kamil. He is lecturer that wears spectacles and tall. He always comes to the class on time. When he come to the class he start teach his student about communication. Sometimes he will divert from the topic. He always give a activities to his student. From this activities he said that we can have a good communication.

BMD101 is a language subject for mandarin. It was teach by Mr.Lim. He is tall and thin person. He also always make his student laugh when he teach about mandarin. First day I enter the class, he teach us a lot of things about Mandarin such as numbers, greetings and more. HSL111 – Badminton. This subject was teach by En. Jasmi Bin Othman. He is a friendly lecturer and always make fun. He teach us the techniques to play badminton and the give tutorial about this sport.

Last subject is ECO162 – Microeconomics. This subject is my repeat paper. It was teach by En.Abdullah. He is a punctual lecturer because always come to class early than student. He also have a big voice because when he talk all the student can hear what he want to tell. He teach the subject very good and I very like En. Abdullah become my lecturer this semester.

My favourite subject for this semester is QMT216 - statistics because this subject have a calculation and the subject that is not my favourite is MGT269 – Business Communication because I don’t understand what the lecturer is teach about. My strategies for the subject that are difficult is to study more and more make an exercise.

My Self

28 September 1989, I was born at Hospital Pusat Rawatan Islam (PUSRAWI), Kuala Lumpur. I was second daughter from four siblings. My father name is Che Mohd Shukri Bin Che Hassan and my mother name is Tengku Anita Zarina Binti Tengku Chik. My father work as ‘Juru Audit’ at Pahang and my mother work as teacher at Sekolah Menengah Tanjung Lumpur. My eldest sister Nik Nur Aina Mardhiah,23 is studying at UiTM and now was practical at Kuala Lumpur. My younger sister is studying at secondary school in for m four and my last sister is school in standard six.

When I was born my family live at Simpang Tiga, Gombak Selangor until my age 1 year old. After that my family and I was transfer to another house nearer my old house at Gombak. I live at that house until my age become 14 years old. So when I stay at Gombak I was school at Sekolah Rendah Kebangsaan Taman Seri Gombak until standard six and Sekolah Menengah Seri Gombak until form two.

Early in February, my father get a news from his office that he need to transfer to Sabah. So on 30 March 2003 my family and I were go to Sabah and stay at there. I very sad to leave my friends and my hometown but that is not my decision. First day we arrive at Sabah we stay at Hotel Promenade for 5 days and 4 nights. On that day my parents was settle about the school and try to find the house to rent.

At Sabah, my parent was registering my sister and me at girl’s secondary school known as Sekolah Menengah Perempuan Likas, Sabah. I was shocked when enter that school because there all students are girls. Their speaking language also different from me. When I at the class I was setting at the back without talk with anyone. A few weeks later I can suitable with each other and at there I have a lot of friends.

Although my family and I want to stay at there for a long time but my family need to transfer back to Kuantan, Pahang. So I just live at Sabah for a short time which is just for 2 years. We are transfer to Kuantan on 25 Mei 2005 until now. When transfer to Kuantan my parents do the same things like when transfer at Sabah.

Until now we stay at Kuantan and not move anywhere. So I was finished my secendory school at Sekolah Menengah Tanjung Lumpur. This is the school that has big cases about hysteria. After finished SPM, I was offer to continue study at Politeknik Kok Lanas, Kelantan in course Diploma In Business Studies. One week after that I get a news from my parents that I get an offer from UiTM Segamat in course Diploma In Information Management. So now I at UiTM. That’s all about my self.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Life Is Not Easy

‘Breath Again’ is a title of the song from Juwita Suwito that I have learn today. This song is about starting a new life in a new place. When I read this lyric, it reminds me about my first day in UiTM Segamat, Johor. Enter UiTM Segamat is my first experience far from family. Before this I live in Kuantan, Pahang and at there I was school at daily school and not at boarding school.

On July,2007, I was register at UiTM in course Diploma in Information Management. I was a second intake student, so I was escape from orientation week. A few days after I enter the UiTM, my coordinator has told us to prepare ourselves because we need to go to the ‘Biro Tatanegara’ at Durian Tunggal, Melaka. At there I have learned many things to discipline myself. The program was running 3days and 2nights. I very happy because get the chance to go there although I new at UiTM.

The class is already started two weeks before I enter UiTM. So I was missed a lot of lecture from the class and I need to learning back. The course that I get at the UiTM is not my favourite course. So I ask my parents and make decision to change the course and I write a letter to change the course from Diploma in Information Management to Diploma In Business Studies.

When I write the letter, I thought that I can change the course immediately on the same semester but the changes will take one semester. That is mean I need to finish my first semester in Diploma in Information Management. After I know about that rules I was very regret but I cannot turn it back. After get the result of the examination and want to register the new subject for new semester, I know that my letter was approving by the UiTM. I was sad because need to start all over again but I also happy because I get the course that I want.

December,2007 I was entered as a new student in course Diploma In Business Studies. Now I need to forget about the last semester when I in another course. So now I need to start a new life with a new course that I choose and learn all subjects from beginning. At this course I meet a new friend from other country and knowing a new things and new knowledge from them. So I need to forget the pass and think what will happen after this.