Saturday, February 21, 2009

Love and my dream guy

Everyone in this world have heart to love someone and something. Love is feeling of deep affection for something especially a member of our family or a friend. We also need to love God because God was making us and we also need to pray to him. Love to parents, siblings, friends and other person also need for us because from love we can happy and sad together.

In my opinion, love is very beautiful feelings in our heart. This feeling cannot be hinder by other people or something, because love is very meaningful. When we have love, we can feel very happy but sometimes love will make us sad. If we love someone we will ignore everything that happens beside us. But love also can make us fall into the bad things. So to the people that falls in love they need to be careful with their couple or partner.

Now I want to all about my dream guy in my life. First he must have a good religion. So that he can teach me if I have made a bad thing. He also can instruct me to the right way. That is one of my dream guys.

Second of my dream guy is he can make me happy and always smile. It is because when I sad, I have someone special that can make me happy again and smile. He also must a funny guy because from his story he can make me laugh every day.

Another thing that I want of my dream guy is he is a romantic person. So that when in my birthday or anything special he will become a romantic person in my life that I will never forget. He also should not hypocrite person because if he has that personality he will always cheat at me if he makes something bad at my back.

Caring, his also need have this characteristic because from this he will love me more then other person. He also need to responsible to everything not just for religion but so many things, so this will make he is one of the dream girl. Many things that I want to describe about my dream guy but this characteristic is more important to me.


Izuan said...

So have you found him yet?


i thing abang beng got all of these entire of characteristic that u have stated. hehee...

Atie said...

abg ben loh not beng...huhuhu