Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Sempana Alam Buana (SAB)

Sempana Alam Buana (SAB) is my first Collage that I know when I enter to UiTM
Segamat in July 2007. There have many collageshere which is Sempana Riau (SR), Taming Sari (TS), Si Manja Kini (SMK), Zamrud, Intan, Mutiara, Nilam and Baiduri.

In UiTM Segamat collage SAB is collage that very far from other collage and also far from class. SAB collage has room that can be seat by two students and four students. So for this semester I get the room that is seat by four students. Last three semesters I get the room that only seat by two students.

At my room have four roommates which is senior then me. Two of my roommate is diploma part six and another one is bachelor part two. My first part six roommate is Nur Zafiera and I call her ‘Kak Fiera’. She is taking Diploma in Banking. She is my first roommate that I meet when I register for this semester. She is very kind to me and she attend me like her sister.

My second roommate that I meet is Nabilah and I call her ‘Kak Nabilah’. She come from Cheras, Kuala Lumpur. She was studying in Bachelor in Marketing. My first impression to her is very bad because her and her family look very fussy. But after I know her close she not likes my first impression.

My third roommate is Khairunisa and I call her ‘Kak Nisa’. She is from Perak. She was part six course Diploma in Science Quantitative. When I know her she is an excellent student. She also very kind person and always help me when I was in trouble.

In my collage all facilities are given like study room, television room and also badminton court. In my room also the facilities are given like cupboard, study table, fan, lamp and mirror. All this things are in good condition. The bed I was choose the top bunk so no one will seat at my bed.

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saLbie said...

it is ok far from class..
the important thing is you must wake up early!!